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What is S’NOODS?

S’NOODS is the first chef-driven, globally-inspired noodle snack bringing creativity, curiosity, and nostalgia back into the snack aisle via its three delicious bold flavors, founded by Lauryn Bodden and officially launching nationwide on February 6, 2024. These gluten-free noodle chips that fully invoke the bowls of noodles we love.

Be a part of our S’NOODS crew from the crunch to our community goals.

What does S’NOODS taste like?

An umami rollercoaster in your mouth, you can choose your own adventure with our signature 3 flavors; Cavatappi Carbonara, Spicy Miso Ramen, and Rigatoni Basil Pomodoro. Each flavor leans into our love for crunch, but without the things that way us down because our snacks are air-popped versus fried.

Who is S’NOODS for?

No matter the time, place or occasion - big or small - S’NOODs is your snacking sidekick, designed with your epic snacking moments in mind! Grab ‘em on-the-go for a snack-worthy jet-setting adventure with friends, refuel during your next adventure hike, or elevate your next Netflix binge with the ultimate munching experience (maybe check out Snack vs Chef while you’re at it).

Is S’NOODS gluten free?

Yes, S’NOODS are made from a combination of rice, potato, and chickpea flour. We are made in a completely gluten-free certified facility.

What are your sustainability goals?

Our goal is and always will be to provide climate-friendly snacks from upcycled ingredients to eco-friendly packaging. Your support means being a part of this journey. As the S'NOODS community grows, so will our sustainability goals.

Currently, our sustainability reach is small—just like us. We hope to increase the percentage of our products that are upcycled in conjunction with our brand growth. This also includes other initiatives such as eco-friendly packaging, carbon offsetting, and more. We currently source upcycled ingredients for our proprietary flour blend as well as seasonings, using locally sourced suppliers where we can. We hope to grow this footprint and obtain our Upcycled Food Association certification in 2025.

Just like we are focused on the health of our planet we are also focused on the health of our community, so we honed in on nutritional benefits that align with our mission.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship nationwide.

When will I receive my order?

We ship out orders every Monday, so depending on the shipping option you choose at checkout, you will receive your snacks shortly after that.

Where can I see S’NOODS IRL?

Find us in retail locations across the nation, here.