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What is S’NOODS?

A chef-driven noodle snack inspired by global cuisines that puts emphasis on the way consumers think about upcycled foods. S’NOODS is more than a snack, it’s an experience. It’s meant to showcase all the glorious noodles, sauces, and cuisines we love from Italian to Japanese to Thai and everything in-between. It’s meant to invoke a special memory we associate with these dishes. It’s meant to fly you to a destination you have yet to explore through flavors and spices. It’s meant to encourage you to get behind the stove and recreate these noodles at home. It’s meant to educate about the importance of sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and giving back to Mother Earth. 

Be a part of our S’NOODS crew from the crunch to our community goals.

Is S’NOODS gluten free?

Yes, S’NOODS are made from a combination of rice, chickpea, tapioca, and potato flour. We are currently pursuing our gluten-free certification.

Who makes S’NOODS?

From extrusion to fry to package, Lauryn handmakes every S’NOODLE with her I-can’t-believe-it’s-gluten-free noodle formulation. Lauryn developed her seasoning formulas based on the traditional sauces from these cuisines and brought them to market with the help of a copacker that ships them right to her kitchen.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship nationwide. NYC retail locations to come soon.

When will I receive my order?

Within 5 business days once S’NOODS ship out. S’NOODS are shipped out Monday and Tuesdays, except on special days around the holidays.

Where can I see S’NOODS IRL?

Fall 2023 we will have placement in local retailers around the New York area. We are pursuing online marketplaces that have brick and mortars around the country as well. Join our mailing list to get the latest on where to find us.

What does it mean to use upcycled ingredients?

Resources like Upcycled Food Association are encouraging us to buy items that close the loop on waste, packaging, labeling, and sustenance with a heavy focus on plant-based. Upcycling takes food that would otherwise get thrown out (due to blemishes, byproduct from production, etc.) and repurposes it into a new food product—like S’NOODS! 

Here are S’NOODS HQ we want to do as much for the Earth as we can, so we are working to make as much of our snacks upcycled as possible. How do we do it? We utilize upcycled potato flour and upcycled powders in our seasonings. Suppliers are limited (and expensive!), so we hope as love of our snacks grow, we are able to make upcycled foods the norm rather than a luxury item. This is also true for our packaging as we look to make our bags plastic neutral with an eye on climate neutrality. 

We have many hopes and dreams for our sustainability mission. Unfortunately, sustainability comes with a bigger price tag than more harmful products. As we grow as a company, so will our ability to grow sustainably. We aim to be open and honest about all our practices to make this possible.